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Top 7 Health Technology Trends You Should Pay Attention To

Posted by Aprillice Alvez on Jan 17, 2021 11:29:30 PM

Would you agree with us that healthcare and technology are a match made in heaven? Healthcare technologies brought medicine and care to new heights saving and improving more lives than ever before. That’s why we’ve gathered the top health technologies that you should be paying attention to in the years to come. Read along to learn more about them:  


1. Machine Learning Algorithms

Taking the first place is none other than what makes artificial intelligence possible—machine learning algorithms. With the rapid growth of technology, more exciting opportunities to improve healthcare continue to sprout. Artificial intelligence (AI) even plays a significant role in the global pandemic as it helps in screening, tracking, and predicting the current and future patients. Machine learning technologies provide great help in the early detection and diagnosis of infection like COVID-19. It takes a massive burden off healthcare workers and scientists during high-risk infection cases like the COVID-19.

The algorithms aid in mitigating the risk of preventable medical scenarios. For example, automated reminders for medication boosts the effectiveness of all given treatments. Smart AI technologies can easily identify people at high risk that need immediate medical intervention too. This technology has no sign of slowing down so better keep it under your radar and utilize it to your advantage.


2. Chatbots

You might even be using this for your website already. Automated chatbots offer convenience and can expedite your patient concierge such as gathering information for appointment bookings. It still has tons of room for improvement and customization to suit your practice like patient pathways, or medication management.

Having chatbots on your website improves patient experience that your patients will surely appreciate. The possibilities and options for it are endless. With enough research and development, it can even serve as your automated customer service for potential diagnosis of mild conditions.


3. Video Marketing and Animations

Take your healthcare marketing to a more creative level with video marketing and animations. It is a fantastic way to humanize your health brand promotion with a lot of room for creativity. You can establish trust and relatability with a dash of endearment to your patients. So don’t shy away from online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook so you can invite more people to your practice. 


4. Virtual Reality

Giving a virtual tour to your patients to your facilities can help them calm their nerves and get rid of white coat syndrome. It will help them feel less anxious and more comfortable visiting your hospital or clinic. You’ll have an unrivaled patient engagement, boosting your patient experience to another level. It can even excite and educate the younger generation about healthcare. Think outside the box and see the limitless possibilities you can have with virtual reality. Be a pioneer and start thinking of ways on how you can utilize it today for your advantage. 


5. Social Media

When it comes to marketing, social media’s impact is unrivaled. You can use this to your advantage by increasing your patient engagement online. Cultivate your relationship consistently and your patient volume will eventually grow. However, it can be tricky due to HIPAA compliance so it’ll be helpful to partner with a marketing company dedicated to healthcare like DrCatalyst.


6. Mobile Apps

Think about mobile patient portals. It is so great for engagement due to its portability with a huge number of possibilities to develop its use. Your patients can easily request their doctor’s appointment, filing their patient data forms, and even their billing. Modern-day patients deserve modern-day tools digitally served through their phones. There is so much potential for it and it’s definitely one of the top things you need to pay attention to.


7. Voice Search

You can optimize your digital platforms for local searches to show up during a voice search. Since healthcare is predominantly local, people will search for healthcare options that are near them. You need to incorporate voice-enabled technologies for your marketing strategies, especially with the popularity of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Now. One out of six Americans even owns a smart speaker and 40% of adults using voice search once a day. Take hold of this opportunity and start pumping up your SEO to rank first in voice searches.


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